The Addictions Program of Flying Dust is designed to assist and give band members of Flying Dust options on how to deal with many addictions. A couple of these options are: entering treatment facilities within the Province of Saskatchewan taking time for yourself and leaving the environment that’s making you use, or one-on-one counselling with Vince Kytwayhat.

There are Four (4) steps on applying to a treatment centre:

  1. Come to the clinic and help Vince fill out the necessary application to the treatment centres.
  2. Band member must fill out the medical form from a certified health nurse or doctor from the application.
  3. Once the medical form is filled out and handed back to Vince, he will then start faxing away the application to the treatment centres.
  4. Patiently wait for a reply from the centre(s).

If they don’t want to go to treatment, they can have one on one sessions with Vince in his office and go through their options:

  1. Offer counselling
  2. Offer support where needed to members as well as band staff.
  3. Open door policy.
  4. Support letters when they are needed.
  5. Someone to confide in without fearing judgement.
  6. Supply cultural items such as cloth and or tobacco when needed.
  7. Offer some cultural advice when asked.