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The operation was established on September 24, 2004. The limited partnership was established originally as a way for F.D.B. Holdings to gain a presence in the oil and gas sector. Under the T.L.E. Lands and mineral rights were purchased on the Balken oil field reserves in southern Saskatchewan. A board of governors comprised of the Chief of the Flying Dust First Nation, a Councilor as well as a member at large and a member of the Flying Dust First Nation oversee the operation.

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Flying Energy is currently completing a clear plan, as well as policies and procedures to define the role that F.D.B. Holdings will play in the oil and gas sector. With the assistance of professionals in this area, as needed, Flying Energy is on the cusp of developer further the Balken project on their lands in southern Saskatchewan.


With continued exploration and sourcing of oil and gas in Saskatchewan, Flying Energy is position to play an important role. With access to land and a willingness to strategically partner with other players in this sector, the hope is to create employment opportunities, stewardship as well as revenue now and in the future.

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