FDB Holding Corp.

Respect. Trust. Sustainable Relationships.

FDB Holding Corporation is the corporate entity overseeing the business enterprises of Flying Dust First Nation. FDB Holdings has over 20 years experience operating various business enterprises.

FDB Holdings is overseen by a seven-member board of directors with two representatives of Flying Dust First Nation Chief and Council, four members-at-large of the nation, and one independent director. The board follows a Business Charter outlining roles and responsibilities. The board is responsible to oversee the business interests of the Nation in a professional manner to maximize the results of business ventures for all Flying Dust members. A strong working relationship with Flying Dust First Nation leadership is important for ensuring good governance, performance, accountability and transparency.

Read the 2020 Economic Development Report here.


  • To operate and manage Flying Dust First Nation’s corporate and business affairs.
  • To coordinate and manage investments on behalf of the shareholder (FDFN).
  • To act as an agent for the Flying Dust First Nation in business affairs.
  • To preserve & maintain assets that have been entrusted to it by the Flying Dust First Nation.
  • To report to the Flying Dust First Nation shareholder representatives (Chief and Council) on its investment plans, as well as corporate and financial affairs.
  • To investigate and develop new economic or business opportunities.
  • To market its business products or services.
  • To ensure accountability measures to its shareholders in a businesslike manner.

Mission Statement

With the band being located close to Meadow Lake, a number of employment opportunities exist that are not available to bands in more northern areas of the province. The location also makes it easier for investment opportunities and the band is actively pursuing these opportunities through their economic development department.


To promote the economic self-sufficiency of the Flying Dust First Nation through sound investments, profitable and sustainable business operations, and effective management of business assets.

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F.D.B. Industrial Property Management
Albert Derocher, Manager
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